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Does Turbo have an API? »
Yes. Our REST API allows you to manage customers, payments, QR codes, and more.

Please visit our API documentation to learn how to get started.
Where can I find my API key? »
Your API key can be found in settings, on the API tab.
How can I track my API requests? »
There's a log of each request made with your API key in the account portal API settings tab.
Does the API support everything that's in the account portal? »
Not yet. Various minor features are only accessible in our account portal.

If there's a feature you'd like to see enabled in the API, let us know!

Admin Portal

Where can I manage my payments, links, and customers? »
Our administrative portal allows you to view payments made to you, create and view customers, and manage payment links.

Sign in to portal


Can I use my own logo? »

Once a logo has been set in the account portal settings Branding tab, it will be shown on your payment page.

Receipts will also include your logo.
Can QR codes use my logo? »

Please see QR codes.

Convenience Fee

Can payment links charge a convenience fee? »

Either a percentage or fixed amount can be charged.

This is configurable in settings, under the Payments tab.

This setting can be overridden on a per-link basis.


What currencies does Turbo support? »
USD and CAD at the moment. The currency of payments you receive is determined by the country setting in your business profile.

Customer Portal

Can my customers view their payment history? »
Yes. Your customers can view their payments by logging in to our customer portal.

They can access the portal by visiting https://portal.tur.bo.


What domain do payment links use and can I use my own? »
Our list of domains is continually growing. Please check API domains for the most current list.

To use your own domain, see Custom Domain.

A DNS CNAME record is required. Once we can validate that it's in place, then an SSL-enabled domain with the prefix "pay" will be active. The domain becomes https://pay.yourdomain. You can then receive payments on this domain.

How to set up DNS CNAME in GoDaddy

File Uploads

Can I receive files from my customers? »

You can receive file uploads from customers by adding /upload to your Turbo address.

For example, if your Turbo username is turbo_username, your customers can send you files using tur.bo/turbo_username/upload.

We will email you when a new file has been uploaded.

Files you've received will show in the account portal's Files section.

Google Analytics

Can my payment page have analytics? »

Simply paste in your Google Analytics ID in settings, on the Payments tab.

Phone Payments

Can I receive payments over the phone? »

Once your merchant account setup is complete, and a phone number has been added to your account, phone payments will be enabled.

Phone numbers can be purchased within the same area of your business by searching for area code, zip code, or state. Once you have your number, calls to that number will pressent a voice menu system for accepting credit card payments.

QR Codes

Can I generate a QR code to receive a payment? »

Payment links with an associated QR code can be made in the account portal, with our API, and also by using https://qr.tur.bo
Can I customize how my QR code looks? »

QR code customization settings can be set in the account portal. These settings can also be overridden on a per-QR code basis, both in the API and using qr.tur.bo.

Some of the customization options include adding your own logo, adding a custom label, and showing the payment link or amount.

To see all possible QR code options, please visit our API documentation.
How do I use the QR code generator? »
Please visit https://qr.tur.bo.

By default, the page will show documentation showing how the service works. It only requires your Turbo username and an amount, and supports a variety of options.
I need to change the amount of my QR code, can that be done? »

Once a QR code has been created, its amount can be changed prior to the QR code being paid. Once it's paid, the amount cannot be changed.

Please see QR Code Detail to learn more.

Receiving Payments

How can I receive a payment with Turbo? »
If you haven't done so yet, please create an account. It only takes a minute to enter your email and set a password.

After that, please take a moment to connect with our payment processor. A link to do so will become available after you've created an account and logged in.

You will also want to set your Turbo username, as this is the address people will use to send you payments. This can be done in the account portal on the settings page.

Once done, you can begin receiving payments on tur.bo/turbo_username, where turbo_username is the username set in your settings.
Can I supply an amount in the link? »

Add the amount after your username: tur.bo/turbo_username/1.00
Can I include notes? »

Add the amount and notes after your username:
tur.bo/turbo_username/1.00/thank you
Can I have a fixed amount payment link that the customer can't change? »

This can be a global setting effective for all links created. Or set on a per-link basis.


Can a webhook tell my server when I get a payment? »

Set the address of your server in settings, on the Payments tab.

We currently support GET and POST JSON requests. Please have SSL enabled on your server for this to work.

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